Michelle is a Mexican American multi-tasking millennial that lives in the trendy Former French Concession neighborhood in Shanghai, China.  She has established herself as a leader and collaborator in Asia. As the Asia & Oceania Regional Manager of Girl Gone International, a non-profit app, website, magazine and community dedicated to the new generation of expat women living abroad, Michelle has supported and developed communities in 23 Asian cities.

Michelle is also the Co-Founder and Owner of a graphic design and consulting business in Shanghai, China. TONIK Design consulting helps brands find their visual identity utilizing minimal and modern elements popular in Western design. TONIK Design also has a new home decor line, TONIK Prints, which are wall posters that show different Shanghai-based neighborhoods in a colorful yet minimal way to elevate any space.  

Michelle also has a Master's degree in Education which has led to her teach at International schools all across the East Asia region. She has taught all levels of students from Kindergarten to University students. Her favorite subjects to teach are writing, history and international relations. Michelle enjoys the classroom and helping communities in Shanghai as it has motivated her to begin working on her newest project with the U.S. Consulate. 

SAFE HAVEN Shanghai is a new organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse in the expat community in Shanghai. The program will provide resources such as shelter, legal, medical, and clinical help to domestic abuse victims. Michelle is a board member, leading the tech team for the organization.

Michelle is also involved with various women's advocacy groups such as IPWS, LeanIn, WEN, and other organizations that are dedicated to promoting women's personal and professional development in China.